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home Insurance

With the recent increase of fire-related incidents in UAE, especially during the summer, protecting your home as well as most of your prized possessions – whether its electronics, jewellery, furniture or even expensive artwork, is important. By taking up a suitable home insurance plan with GTBT Services you may rest easy that your valuable belongings will be secured from the financial losses arising from fire, natural perils and accidental damage.

With GTBT Services , we are pleased to offer you:

  • Tailor-made home insurance packages for your specific requirement and guidance towards the extent of cover on all eventualities whether you live in UAE or anywhere in the UAE. We can even provide higher coverage for owners’ of artworks such as paintings or collectors of antiques.
  • Claims Assistance through the services of our dedicated Claims Manager where we make your case to the insurers to pay out and provide you a hassle free claim process.
  • Best prices and quick responses by specialist home insurance advisors.

Main Covers

Coverage from Natural Calamities

Your home is insured against damages caused by all kinds of natural perils, fire, flood, storm, riot, water leak, theft and more.

Alternative cost of accommodation

Due to an eventuality, if your home is deemed unfit to live in, you will be covered for the costs of relocating to an alternative premise.

Tenant’s liability

This cover protects you from any insured incident that happens at your tenanted property and for which you are liable to your landlord or any third party person.

Occupiers Liability to the public

This cover will indemnify you against your legal liability for damages and claimants’ cost and expenses in respect of

  • Accidental bodily injury to any third party person due to an insurable incident at your residence
  • Accidental Loss of or damage to material property.

Worldwide Cover

Personal belonging coverage is a worldwide coverage from loss, theft or accidental damage to your most valuable belongings and in case of your contents you are covered for a maximum of 60 days when your home is unoccupied.

Loss of Keys

If you do lose your home keys, then the cost of changing your home lock mechanism will be covered under your home insurance policy.

Loss of personal documents and money

You can also cover the loss of all your personal documents and money (as per policy schedule) due to any insured incident such as loss of passport, educational certificates etc.

Optional covers

Personal belonging Coverage

Personal effects including clothing plus specified and listed items such as jewellery, watches, mobile phones, laptops generally all the items that you carry out on a day to day basis or even when you are on a holiday can be covered from accidental damage, loss or theft

Domestic helper Coverage

Home insurance even provides protection to your staff at your home for emergency medical expenses, death cover and repatriation of mortal remains.

Tenant’s Liability Cover

You have an option to increase the tenant’s liability cover at an additional cost up to a maximum of 5 million AED (with selected insurers).

We’ll call you for your info, email a comparison table, help you choose and email your policy!

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