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Ever since our inception in 2018, ‬we have been committed to working hard for our customers‭, ‬taking the time to listen and going the extra mile to find you not just the best‭, ‬but the most compatible insurance available‭.‬ This personal approach‭, ‬has been and will always continue to be the cornerstone of our business‭ and has helped build long term client relationships, with complete customer satisfaction which has always been our most important and non-negotiable objective.

GTBT Services is a pioneer in laying down systems for smooth and orderly conduct of the business. The strength of the company lies in its highly trained and motivated work force that covers various disciplines and has vast expertise. The company has developed various types of insurance covers to cater to the needs of both the individual as well as corporate sectors. The Company has a technically qualified and competent team of professionals to render the best customer service.

In addition to our existing suite of products and services, our vast underwriting capacities and financial strength allows us to provide support to other insurers operating in GCC states by way of Facultative Re-Insurance on various risks. Our underwriters also work closely with insurance brokers looking to create more bespoke covers, to ensure the best possible level of cover for their clients.

Our new purpose defines who we are, who our stakeholders are, and the impact we want to have in the world. It’s an evolution. It builds on our legacy and better reflects how we serve the needs of our customers, employees, partners and society.

Accordingly, our rates are preferable, our service rarely bettered, and our recommended coverage and insurance advice careful and considered. With GTBT Services , you will be in safe hands, working with a team of sincere and able individuals that want to make sure that your business or household is protected from all insurable risk in the most economically efficient way. We are proud of who we are and how we delight our customers.

We are guided by our values. We are optimistic, caring and reliable. With forward thinking, determination and a sense of togetherness, we bring our purpose to life.

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Over AED 12 billion Worth of Policies Issued Each Year


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Highly Rated Insurance Provider. Our Google Rating 4.2/5

(10,000+ Reviews)

But it’s our people and their dedication to our customers that has made the biggest difference‭ and this commitment from every single one of our associates has been instrumental in earning the trust of our customers over the years‭.‬

We offer a wide range of insurance products‭; ‬from health and motor to a wide suite of corporate options‭.‬ From car insurance to personal accident cover, marine insurance to corporate health plans, we offer insurance products that ensure the important things in your life are well protected.

With GTBT Services, you will have the confidence and peace of mind to be ready for whatever life has to throw at you. So rest easy… knowing we have you well covered!


Strategic Orientation

We are proud of the role we play in ensuring the sustainable future of every customer we serve, throughout the years right up to today. But looking ahead, given the complexity and scale of challenges facing our modern world, this is not enough. We have the expertise, capability and spirit to contribute even more. That is why we decided to reset our sustainability ambition at the end of 2019 and aim to become one of the most sustainable and impactful businesses in the world.

We will always do insurance and we will always do it better. We are our own competition.

In line with this, we like to work with businesses that not only respect the significance of sound risk management but also have a strategic direction in terms of long-term business development.

The Professional Team

As a core servicing organization we enjoy an experienced management team, with highly qualified insurance specialists to provide and deliver quality insurance products and services.

Prof Dr Khalifa Mohammed Ali Rashed Almazrouei

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Mark Anderson

Head Of Administration And Chairman's Office

Dr Mohammed Hamad Saeed Balabda

Director Surety Bond And Insurance

Mr Alexander Walter

Director Due Diligence

Mr Tairu Bah

Finance Manager

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